Things I really don’t like….Moms’ Connection Devotional


Next Moms’ Connection – Monday, May 9, 9:30 in the FEFC Community Hall. This week’s topic is “The truth about faith.” Come join us!

I was thinking yesterday morning as I got ready to face the day….there’s a lot about life I wish I didn’t have to put up with. Living in this world has a ton of problems big and small, to be sure. Terrorism, natural disasters and disease aren’t mere trifles in our times. I can hardly wait for Jesus to come back and make everything right.  But lately, it’s been the small things that have been getting me down.  Allow me to rant for a bit:

Blow-drying my hair: It’s noisy.  It’s time-consuming. My arms get tired.  And it’s unfortunately necessary for my hair to do anything other than hang limply in my face. I love having clean hair, but I will sometimes opt for putting it up in a clip rather than having to mess with the blow dryer.

Scary movie commercials on TV: I’m sitting on the couch with my family enjoying a family friendly show when we are rudely interrupted by images from the latest horror movie. Not only are these not appropriate for my kids to see (and they give my son nightmares), but I don’t want/need to see them either! My husband and I have to have a finger on the channel changer every second. It makes me want to DVR everything.

Jeans that change sizes during the day: In the morning, I have to hold my breath and suck in my belly to cram into them.  By lunchtime, they’re pretty comfortable. And when it’s time to go to bed at the end of the day, I can take them off without unbuttoning them.  What’s up with that?

Now I know that all of these are trivial in the grand scheme of things.  But I find that it’s more often the trivial things that wear me down over time.  It’s the daily grind that depletes my emotional energy stores to nothing so I have nothing to draw on when the biggies hit. I find that I need more faith to cope with the day-to-day than with the major crisis. Huge problems drive me to my knees in a heart-beat.  But I’m deceived into believing that I must handle the daily grind on my own.

And so, today, I am thankful that God cares about the little things in my day.  He sees and understands my frustrations with ALL of life – and He will come and make ALL of it new. Not only will He do away with disease and destruction, but all of those little troubles that trip me up in the day. And He gives me strength to take up the hair dryer one more time, not just today but every day. Praise God for His complete redemption of my world!