A word for a new season



This is the word rattling around in my brain these days.  It’s bouncing off the insides of my skull and making a mess of everything, to tell you the honest truth.  Partially because it’s such a foreign word to me.  Partially because I have a bad attitude about it.  Partially because I’m a bit lazy.

I’m running into it everywhere, and perhaps I’m overly sensitized to it at this stage of my life.  With my daughter entering high school in the fall and having just celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary, I’m feeling older all of a sudden.  I’m not OLD, I know that, but I’m not  YOUNG either.  I’m some where in the middle and the gravity of the transformation is glaringly apparent to me. The time I have with my daughter at home is getting alarmingly short – I’d better pay attention to how we spend it together. I’ve crossed the point of being with my sweet hubby for a larger portion of my life than not, and though we pray for many, many, many more years together, a major milestone is now behind us.  We didn’t get this far by just flitting through life.  We had hard work to do and still have more work ahead of us.  We’d better pay attention.

This isn’t just a personal issue.  It’s bouncing off of the walls of the REAL Women’s Ministry part of my brain, too.  I absolutely adore seeing the fruit of all of our labors over the nearly five years I’ve officed at FEFC.  The impact we women are having in our church and community is increasingly obvious.  The realness of God’s love for us is palpable at times and I get goosebumps just thinking of the dozens of life change stories I’ve heard or been witness to as God wraps us up in His arms and we become increasingly caught up in the REALNESS of Him.  But I digress.

What’s also increasingly obvious is that the REAL Women’s Ministry is growing well beyond my ability to “wing it” and “make things up as I go along” or the power of my own efforts and personality.  I’m more than willing to give it all I’ve got.  And staying light on our feet, flexible and being creative with our efforts is entirely too much fun.  But God is asking me to be more focused, more thoughtful, more intentional about how I pour myself out.  Rather than scattering to the winds and seeing where things land, He’s asking me to aim carefully, invest wisely, not just go with the flow.

It makes sense. Everything else in the Christian walk requires intentional thought, self-control and willful devotion, doesn’t it?  A go-with-the-flow attitude will leave us going the ways of the world, relying on the seen and not the unseen.  It’s takes intentional effort to develop faith, spiritual discipline, and a relationship with our Creator God.  Why should I think that ministry to His women would be any different?

So as I enter this season of intentionality, I’m asking for your prayers.  My inclination is to jump in with both feet and throw stuff at the walls to see what sticks and then go from there.  This intentional thing will require me to go against my natural grain, listen carefully to God, and do things in a way that might be different and even uncomfortable in the future.  If you don’t mind commenting on this and letting me know that you’re in this with me in prayer, that would be a huge encouragement.

In the meantime, let me ask you:  what in your spiritual life do you need to be intentional about?  Where is God calling you to go against the grain and move intentionally in a new direction?