Much needed refreshment


by Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S

refreshHello REAL Women. Imagine the most refreshing place or thing right now.

Got it?

We can often use more refreshment. So today I suggest three possible areas of action. Take a look and then put one into action.

Each section has verse(s) to ponder and invite God into this conversation.

Get refreshed—

At various life seasons the time we have available will change. As Pastor Andy Stanley says, “this is just for now” so let’s be intentional.

  1. Care for your body. How you care for your body & your brain impacts your capacity and ability. So eat what is healthy for your body, drink purified water, get good sleep, take supplements for a healthy brain and be active.
    1. Genesis 18:5; Judges 19:5; 1 Samuel 14:25
  2. Practice a daily rhythm. Include in your schedule what you need to be YOU. Consider relational, physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.
    1. 1 Samuel 16:23
  3. Know yourself that you may know God. It makes sense for us to know more about ourselves. As we do that we ask the one who created us, if I’m made in your image, who are you and what’s some tips you got for living well?
    1. Psalm 23:3; 2 Cor. 7:6

Why you need refreshment—

I read a stat from EmotionallyHealthy.Org, that 85% of Christians today admit to feeling stuck in their life with Christ. I used to feel that too. God did not ask us to be wrung out like sponges. He asks us to abide, go, teach, and be refreshed.

  1. Take one day to show your mind and body how your Spirit trusts in God’s provision by not laboring.
    1. Exodus 23:12; Exodus 31:17
  2. Look Up & Out. Lifting our eyes away from our own lives really is refreshing and part of the Great Commandment.
    1. Psalm 66:12
  3. Releasing sin and shame. Holding onto sin or shame in any form only causes decay and weariness. Check out Dr. Brene Brown’s book “Daring Greatly”.
    1. Acts 3:19

Share refreshment—

Tying back into one above, the full circle occurs when we share what we have received.

  1. Speak healing words. REAL women speak authentically with encouragement and hope. That means sharing the gross stuff while we comfort each other and remind ourselves “I feel…., but I know….”.
    1. Job 33:20
  2. Practice the gift of limits. We only have a certain amount of resources so we must give only what we can give for now.
    1. Proverbs 25:13
  3. Refresh others. Look for ways to meet others where they need it. Generosity is not just about money and refreshment has many healthy forms.
    1. Proverbs 11:25; Romans 15:32

Refreshment is critical for you to be the woman God designed you to be in this season. There is only one you so “Be You. Find your voice and impact your world”, the way only you can in Christ.

Take this into a small group and use these resources:

Hugs to each of ya’ll,


Liz Lawrence, MA, LPC-S is counselor, coach and creative who is passionate about people. Connect with her either at Streams Counseling Center at or at . Be You. Find Your Voice. Impact Your World.

(Photo credits: -water drink by Caiti Borruso found on Flickr and reposted on Pinterest)